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Company profile

Central Rise Limited is a company that focus on developing and producing the laser marking control system, scan head, enclosure and supporting components. Especially, the practical experience of designing for laser on-the-fly coder has accumulated over the years. At present, we are planning to produce and sell central-laser series laser coder, and provide ODM service for customers (on behalf of design and production).
At present, the company’s leading products include: NMC-S embedded laser marking controller, MarkingMate software, high-speed and precise laser scan head, scan lens, central-laser series laser marker/coder, ODM laser marker/coder, marking table, lifting platform and other accessories.
Control of on-the-fly laser marking
Using marking control system by develops for many years , marking board designed by physical DSP , touch inside system , provide enhanced anti-EMI ability for newest system. We have got high evaluation in current market . Overall smooth operation , stable performance and the efficiency and function is almost same with the international mainstream products.

Scan head and light path
Provide precise lens correction, to ensure that the marking precision , higher 1D/2D code read rate , more accurate meter count and more precise on-the-fly spacing , security marking machine power output.

Whole machine self-making
In addition to the laser using well-known companies , connectors and power supply all with safety certificate , others control system ,scan head, the whole machine structure made by develops , security highest quality of all machine , each machine can reach more than 65% self-making.

Testing and assembly
All the components adopt strict burn-in test when all into the factory , using standardized assembly model , test specification , can satisfy with the requirements of any marking using environment. The wholemachine provide a number of high precision inspection by professional engineer , standard burn machine for 72 hours , provide final burn machine test report for power output , security the stability of product precision.

Quality and service
◆ The whole machine using new components by factory ,legitimate software.
◆ Confirm safety for laser using and get CE certificate.
◆ The machine warranty for 18 months.
◆ Can provide laser marking accessories you needing.

We can accept customization of appearance and control system for special requirement.
Patent & CE certification

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